Device-Associated Infections

SteriView, Inc. in association with Sanovas, Inc. has developed a new class of inspection scopes that offer cost-effective inspection of instruments, and recording and documentation of inspection results to address the serious problem of avoidable device-associated infections.

According to Persistence Market Research 

  • The global HAI control market is $50 billion in 2014 and is
    expected to reach an estimated value of $82 billion in 2020
  • The North American market for HAIs control is estimated at $21 billion in 2014 and is expected
    to reach $34 billion in 2020

Here's a report from the New England Journal of Medicine.

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  • In 2009 4.0% of inpatients in U.S. acute care hospitals had at least 1 healthcare-associated infection, yielding an estimate of 648,000 inpatients with a total of approximately 721,800 such infections
  • Despite limitations, the national estimates that we generated for selected types of healthcare-associated infection are remarkably similar to estimates from other data sources

    Source: Multistate Point-Prevalence Survey Health Care–Associated Infections. N Engl J Med 2014;370:1198-208